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Spectrum Ai

Who would have thought we would have an AI to understand neurodiverse individuals? Right, with the complexities that come with conditions.

Well! Don't worry yourself just yet because we do have Spectrum AI, it's an AI platform that provides the tools and resources that help neurodivergents thrive in a world designed for the neurotypical brain.

Spectrum AI uses artificial intelligence to

  • Track neurodiverse traits
  • Build personalized strategies
  • Create On-Demand reports
  • Support Caregivers, educators and employees
  • Predicts neuro-divergent traits
  • provides early detections

Spectrum AI features are as follows:

  • Easy logging
  • Behaviour insights
  • Healthcare reports
  • Mood tracking
  • Care suggestions
  • Community help

Quite interesting right?

Here's a video describing more on the platform😎😎

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