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How to engage your kids with Autism during this long holiday part 3

  1. Social Outings: Plan outings to places like museums, zoos, or sensory-friendly events. Be mindful of potential sensory triggers and prepare accordingly.
  2. Occupational Therapy Exercises: If your child is receiving occupational therapy, continue to practice exercises and techniques recommended by the therapist to support their sensory and motor development.
  3. Set Up a Quiet Space: Create a designated quiet space in your home where your child can retreat if they become overwhelmed or need a break.
  4. Seek Professional Support: If your child has a therapist or counselor, maintain regular sessions during the holidays to ensure ongoing support.
  5. Be Patient and Flexible: Be prepared for changes in routine and understand that meltdowns may occur. Patience and flexibility are key. Provide comfort and support when needed.

Remember that every child with autism is unique, so tailor your approach to their specific needs and preferences. Consistency and clear communication are essential for a positive experience during long school holidays.