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The V.I.P that is Crystal Asiege

First of all, before I continue this post, I'd love to WARN YOU that what I'm about to share with you is about to over-inspire you for lack of a better word.

Even as I am writing this I already feel double inspired😝😝

So, what I know about Crystal Asiege is that she is a Visually Impaired Person as she calls herself. She is a nominated senate representing PWDS on the 13th parliament of our republic, a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant, disability rights champion, accessibility auditor and public speaker.


Among many roles, she's also an award-winning singer who was once signed with SOL GENERATION

Her vision is to set up models to disrupt negative perceptions using what she calls "artivism'' and ''edutainment" to change how society perceives and treats disabled people.

Want to know more about her? watch the video below and get more inspired 🤩🤩

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