Have you ever been blindfolded either in a game or because there's a surprise that you didn't need to see. How did it feel being that helpless that you had to be guided over the steps to the point where you would be unfolded. Like many would tell you, it isn't easy. We've grown up to be accustomed to seeing that the thought of moving through darkness in our eyes is hard. That's why in pitch darkness when lights are off, it's easy to bump yourself into things. It's only easier if you've gotten a lay of how the place and where each item goes.

This is just a brief of what I think blindness or visually impairment feels like. For those who were born blind, they quickly adapt because its the world they've known. When one loses their sight as time passes by, its a little bit harder to adapt. This is because you've known what sight feels like and adjusting without becomes hard. In this blind/awareness month, I'd like to urge people to go for eye check ups, get specs if they need to and take good care of their eye health because its a whole new world when you without sight.


  • BKiwu
    BKiwu ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree. Regular Eye checkup is good to prevent blindness but we should also advocate for coping mechanisms when one becomes visually impaired to show that even with visual disability one can lead a fulfilling life.