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How are you today? How are you feeling?

The simple questions that we hear every day are often used lightly, We use them as greetings to start the day or conversations.

It can be a significant affirmation or assurance for any human being to feel wanted. It's a decisive action that can have an impact on an individual's life.

It's part of living wholesomely


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  • "How are you today?" and "How are you feeling?" are indeed wonderful conversation starters when answered sincerely. However, there are times when people may not respond with lengthy explanations not because they're being evasive, but due to a variety of reasons.

    Sometimes, it's not about being devious or trying to avoid a deeper conversation, but rather a reflection of uncertainty about what the other person is genuinely interested in knowing. It's about not wanting to burden others with excessive detail, especially when they may be dealing with their own challenges or may not have the capacity to engage deeply.

    In many cases, people tend to shy away from wordy responses because they fear that others might not care enough or may not be prepared to lend a listening ear. This can lead to giving a more vague or concise answer as a way of maintaining a polite distance.

    Furthermore, there are moments when individuals simply can't find the right words to articulate what they're going through. Rather than over-explaining or oversharing, they may choose to close off, protecting their emotions and preserving their own mental space.

    In these situations, it's important to be sensitive to the cues and responses of others. Sometimes, a simple "I'm here if you ever want to talk" can convey your willingness to listen and provide support without pressuring someone to reveal more than they're comfortable with. Ultimately, fostering open and empathetic communication allows for more meaningful connections and understanding between individuals.