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Autism vs Imposter Syndrome

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects social interaction, communication, and behaviour. It is a spectrum that can vary greatly in terms of its severity and how it presents in different individuals.

Imposter syndrome and autism are two separate concepts, but they can sometimes intersect.

As Autistic people, we may experience imposter syndrome. we often may compare ourselves to neurotypical individuals and feel inadequate or feel like we don't fit in. This can be due to societal expectations and the pressure to conform to social norms. Additionally, some of us may have faced criticism or negative experiences in the past, which can contribute to feelings of imposter syndrome.

Personally, I do struggle with an identity crisis because I haven't really been conversant with modern ways of identifying my feelings because therapy taught me how to ignore and almost be normal, Don't get me wrong occupational therapy, cognitive therapy, speech therapy, ABA is amazing, it's God sent but I think transitioning and having to have sort of a guide on how to remain yourself. Basically embracing the traits that come with the condition is what we lack, the proper safe spaces with support and self-advocacy training that can boost every autistic individual's self-esteem.

Having peer-led Autistic groups is highly recommended, interacting with people who have the same condition as you, removes the mindset of being alone. You may have the same condition but have different traits, having the same interests can help and will give you a sense of belonging.

With limited Spaces and communities that lack exposure, I feel like there is something we really need to work on.

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