Hi i am in a wheelchair since 15 years. Before I was always in the water or closeby.was Paralympic

Was dressage rider but unfortunately I broke my back again on a flight to Indonesia.security dragged me out of my seat...they dropped me and broke my back. Travelled a lot and my wheelchair was completely damaged for over 4 times. Tried to change the policy of air carriers. Even though the air carrier acces act is trying to protect disabled passengers. Tried stamcell therapy but ended up in disaster. Immediately after the first stem cells I had trouble breathing. 6 weeks later still hospitalized my heart stopped working. I wanted to walk again that was why I wanted stem cell therapy. Don't try this, plz. Dud it not for myself in first but wanted to try it myself before sending other people there. A friend of ours is suffering from ms. My mother all kind of neurologic problems due to diabetics. And for many other people. Everything sounded so promising. Many surgeries further I started riding again. It's not going bad but I definitely would like to perform other sports. In the nether lands we tried to ski but not able finding an opportunity using a seat ski...we tried everything.
Kiting seems to be a huge wish of me. Surfing as well. Maybe you can help me out. I got deep respect for you! Maybe we can try this in another country. Hopefully you want to share your experiences accordingly to kitesurfing and maybe other sports.

Maybe we can even help each other.

Warm regards,

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