My home story

When Vince woke up in the morning he saw green goo all over the house.
“That’s odd,” he said to himself.
“Hello, is anyone home?” he yelled.
There was no answer.
Well I’m just going to go and get some delicious cereal he thought. What? No milk or anything?
“Looks like I need to use some plain water,” he thought.
While Vince was eating his cereal he was thinking about how gross it was.
Then he needed to go to the washroom.
Suddenly, he heard a loud boo!!!! Luckily, it was just his mom, dad and brother scaring him.
They were dressed in green gooey ghost suits. They scared him so much he almost pooped his pants.
“Can l go to school? Dad can you drive me?” Vince asked.
“OK,” his dad said.
In the car, Vince started talking to his parents about the morning.
”Why did you guys scare me?” he asked.
“Because we wanted to teach you a lesson, and see how responsible you are when you’re alone at home by yourself,” his Dad said.
“You did a great job, Vince! You did everything that we wanted you to do. You got up by yourself, made your cereal and got dressed, and that was everything on our list that we wanted you to do,” Vince’s mom said.
“But I still don’t understand why you had to scare me,” Vince said.
“That was just for fun,” his dad said.
“Plus you always prank us with scary stuff, so we thought we would get you back,” his mom said.
“Since I was so responsible now can I have that PS4 you said you would give me??” Vince asked.
“YES YOU CAN,” his parents said.
“Thank you so much,” Vince sa


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