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Celebrating Autism Awareness Month!

KaavyaKaavya in mod
edited 21. Apr 2022 in Editorial posts

Across the globe, the entire month of April is celebrated as Autism Awareness Month! The Kenyan and Indian community is excited to celebrate this month will all of you! There will be a few discussion and Q&A around Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Requesting all of you to participate and share your thoughts!

Let us celebrate the human spirit!

@Faith_EnableMe @Christo @Emma_EnableMe


  • verogakioverogakio ke ✭✭✭

    This sounds good 👍

  • Looking Forward to Autism Awareness Month! 👍️

  • Excited about the conversations we are about to have. Happy Autism Awareness Month all.

  • Talking about Autism during the month of April 2nd is not enough and we need to do peer sensitization all 365 days and just implement it in action than in words. Autism should be renamed Goldism.

  • Thank you for using the month of April to celebrate and bring awareness to the Autism Spectrum Disorder!

  • KingndedaKingndeda ke ✭✭✭


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