How long does the wound / stump pain last after the operation?

I had my left thigh amputated. Since then I have been struggling with a lot of stiffness and soreness. I also get medication 1-0-1 Hydromorphone 2mg and 1-0-1 Lyrika 100 mg and Palladon 1.3 mg if needed.

I know that pain and swelling are normal after such a big operation but how long does it last? Furthermore, I have phantom pain 2 days after the operation. The doctor says this is normal because of the swelling in the stump and I should just wait and see. It's hard to live wirth assertions like this, have you guys have different experiences?

Thanks a lot in advance

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  • Response 1:

    I had my upper arm amputated 35 years ago.

    Over the years, the phantom pain has turned into a phantom feeling that I can control. I put on my prosthesis every day and signal to the brain that the arm is still there.

    For decades, I have been invited as a test subject in a series of experiments on phantom pain by the Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim. Among other things, they test when the sensations occur and how strong they are.

    They are very familiar with the sensations/phantom pain of the missing limbs. According to my information, it has a lot to do with the "head", whether I wear the prosthesis or not, and pain before the amputation. Sensitivity to weather changes also plays a role.

    In the questionnaires, they also ask how often and intensively I think about the missing limbs.

    Maybe you can get more information there.

    Response 2:

    I would like to say that I had my left forefoot amputated. I had an operation to remove a sore on the outside of my left foot at the end of March 2013. This wound wouldn't and didn't want to close and somewhere during all the visits to the doctor about it, I caught a gastrointestinal virus in the wound. When it was diagnosed, I was also told that the foot would probably have to be amputated, but they tried to save the foot for 7 weeks despite everything. Then, for the 8th operation, I was told that it was no use, the front of the foot had to be removed. I had the advantage of being able to adjust and had enough time. So now the phantom pain is kept within limits. I also take Lyrica 25 mg because of another illness, and now I take it 3 times a day.

    When I am sitting or lying down, I have little pain, but now I am starting to walk again with my residual limb and it sometimes gets very intense. I can walk for a few hundred metres with the forefoot relief shoe, but barefoot I can only walk with a rollator and at a snail's pace for a few metres. I already had very severe balance problems before the operation, but now that I only stand or walk on the left side of the heel, these have also increased.

    But about the phantom pains, the doctor told me that since I had already been informed about an amputation beforehand and I had agreed to it, it would be natural for me to have fewer problems with it.

    But the important thing is not to think about it, even if it is often difficult.

    I'm patiently waiting for my prosthesis to be ready, so that I can at least wear shoes again and walk better at some point.

    The posts from this dummy user come from real users from the German-speaking community throughout the 15 year-long exchange on the forum.

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