Ready for a leisure week challenge?

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Most persons with disabilities i came to find out have very few hobbies. Well I can't back this up with any research but it's just my observation. Well i find this disturbing because inclusion should be cross-cutting. My challenge to you this week is as follows:

  1. For everyday of the week list a new hobby you would like to try.
  2. For the hobby you've listed above, state a few barriers that stop you from trying it.
  3. Share this discussion widely and maybe we can vote for the best and get to help a soul pursue their dream hobby. Otherwise happy leisure week and am waiting to hear from you. Chao


  • Very nice idea @steverarvey!

    Would you be able to invite some friends to kick-start this conversation (we have very few active members at the moment, so stimulating some people to contribute to your challenge, would be really helpful!)

  • Dear @steverarvey,

    Thank you for your post, wonderful idea! I have moved it to the 'Sports & Leisure' category, as the leisure week challenge fits best into this category.

    Best wishes, Emma

  • @steverarvey Thank you for this one.


    Monday to Thursday - do spoken word poetry - Fear of not be able to perform

    Thursday to Sunday - Socializing Feel a bit social Awkward

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