Disoriented is the feeling of losing one's sense of direction. It's something common than what we'd want to let out. From my interactions with people who've had a suicide attempt experience, disorientation comes into the conversation. It's a draining feeling for it leaves you wondering why would you want to hold on while you heading no where. Human beings always crave stability and for this, a sense of direction is important for it helps one have something to look forward to.

Here's a poem as I try to canvas the world of disorientation as I hope to lay a path that will help others see.

It's been years I've been walking

Walking in no particular direction

Hoping that maybe I'll see the light

But I recognize now I might be lost

For I've past this mist a few times now

And slipped over this same rocks

And recognize the scent of fear I'm giving off

Cause I'm all alone it hits me that I should have listened

The clouds will be coming up soon

And the starry skies will go dark

And I'll be left to my means

For another night one too many in this wild

It's been years I've been walking

Walking alone cause I dread company

But I think I'll need to rethink that

For I don't have all the answers with me

The PO£T



  • BKiwu
    BKiwu ✭✭✭✭✭

    A very good portrayal of the mental state of persons who have had suicidal thoughts. The piece would come in handy when trying to understand how suicidal thoughts come about and how to advice someone not to give up on life. Good job @MikkiTarz