Call for nominations to the S4YE Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

S4YE is a global program housed in the Jobs Group of the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice. It consists of a network of over 35 private companies (Private Sector Advisory Council), a network of 44 high-potential and innovative youth employment projects (Impact Portfolio), a group of talented and enterprising global youth (Youth Advisory Group) that provide youth voice on the design of youth employment programs of S4YE and the World Bank and has a network of 150 World Bank youth employment projects in 69 countries.

Call for Nominations and Applications What are we looking for?

Based on the above, S4YE is inviting nominations to identify young innovators, aged 18 to 29 years old who have led innovative solutions in any field relevant to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda, with a particular emphasis on:

• Agriculture and Food

• Global Health

• Jobs, Skills, and Workforce Development (Including work on Gig Jobs)

• Entrepreneurship (incubators, accelerators)

• Financial Inclusion

• Climate Change and Sustainability (+ Circularity)

• Creative Economy (Arts, Music, Film, Social Media Creator/Influencer, etc.)

• Education and Literacy (K-12, higher/tertiary education, informal education & learning)

• Water and Sanitation (WASH)

• Digital Economy and Digital Jobs

• Inclusion of vulnerable groups in jobs (including persons with disabilities, rural youth, young women and LGBTQA+)

• Cities and Urban Development

• Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (Peace, Justice, and Inequality)

Key Criteria for Selecting YAG Members

✓ We are looking for young people betweenthe agesofd 29 from low-income and middle-income countries,

✓ The nominees should have created solutions to address the local, regional, and global challenges listed above. We will give preference to youth who have overcome difficulties or adversities, and/or youth from minority groups, including youth with disabilities, rural and urban women, indigenous peoples, and youth from the LQBTQA+ communities.

✓ The youth nominees should be willing and able to participate and contribute their time willingly to S4YE’s mission. 

Participation of members to the YAG is voluntary and does not represent an employment endorsement by the World Bank. Members are expected to participate in the activities mentioned above during their free time and will be empowered to decide on the YAG's work program. Commitment to participate in the YAG activities is expected. Proficiency in English is required. Participation at the YAG should not incur any expenses for the participants, but it is expected that YAG members have access to internet connections to participate in regular online update meetings. For YAG member's participation in in-person and face-to-face events, the inviting partner, funders, or donors, will cover costs, where possible.

Who can nominate?

✓ Governments, multi-lateral organizations, non-profit organizations, and recognized educational and research institutions can nominate talented youth whose work they are familiar with.

How to Nominate?

✓ You can nominate a maximum of 4 youths whose work you are familiar with.

✓ The nominating organization should send us an email with the following information:

➢ Name of nominee, age, nationality/location of nominee, email address of youth nominee, and a brief description of the innovation the youth has led. Please ensure that your nominee is willing and interested in volunteering some time to engage with the S4YE program.

➢ Kindly submit your nominations by email to Apoorva Reddy Neelapu at [email protected] by September 22, 2023, 11.59 p.m. EST. Once your organization nominates young leaders and sends us an email, no further action is needed from your end.

In case you have any questions or clarifications, please write to Apoorva Reddy Neelapu at [email protected] (aneelapu[at]worldbank[dot]org).

For full details find the attached document: