How do we get to transition to work spaces?

Evidently, after one is done with the toils of books, learning or gaining skills, the hope is to be able to work. But how then are we able to make that transition? Some would start it off from internships, some job shadowing, some apprenticeship or being under someones wing while others start working in full time jobs right from the bat. One common thing with all this, starts with having a vision or goal in mind and walking towards it. That could mean applying and not giving up, trying over and over again until you get something done right or being in the right spaces where people will get to notice. One thing is certain, its hardly that the opportunities come to you without working on yourself and believing in one self



  • By being productive

  • I've learnt from experience that the first step into job seeking or employment world is learning soft skills. They come handy and will see you progress from one position to another.

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  • Wilie
    Wilie ✭✭✭

    Despite life generally being tough, getting a job is usually the tricky part. Doing as many internships and getting relevant skills is one way of promoting a smooth transition to the workspace.

  • By learning the ropes as quick as possible and hang to fear to ask when you feel that you are not very well conversant with the systems.