Mental Health and work

Even though we work mental health comes first. Put yourself first. Like any other human, from time to time we tend to hit bumps on our roads and it shakes us up. That's why you find a variation of emotions from happy to gloomy, bitter to sorrowful and from joyful to ungrateful. When we going through some stuff, some of us are better concealers than others. But however much we conceal, it doesn't stop it from affecting us.

While we out there looking for work or going to work, they'll come periods where we not ourselves. This in turn makes us either less proactive or even absent on duty. Therefore it's important to have a hold at your mental health for it might come in the way of your work. When you going through a rough patch, find a way to resolve it in a way that won't affect your work.

You can ask for breaks, leave perhaps as you get time to figure it out for its not everyone who can brave it and still keep going. It's important therefore as people to be mindful of others. Do you think your mindful of others, if so how have you contributed to disability inclusion? Cause disability inclusion is up there on the list of being on the edge on matters of mental health as disability comes with its challenges.


Dear mind,

When do you rest?

For you up from morning to night

Even when I sleep you buzzing with thoughts

Please take a rest because if you keep up like this

You'll wear out while I've got lots in plan for us

Dear mind,

Why do you worry?

Or is it because things ain't working out

Or because there's lots to do and time is flying

But worry not because that's why God made day and night

So that we take a break at some point

Dear mind,

Why do you frate?

For you all scribbled up

You worked up so much that you can't progress

For you stuck up trying to untangle your thoughts

In deep the night that you shed tears while talking to yourself

Dear mind,

Why do you look troubled?

Or is it the storms that have rocked you

Have stirred your emotions now you a mess

For even when you happy you still feel sad

That's why you no longer take pictures cause you ever frowning

Dear mind,

When do you recharge?

For I feel you working overtime

And when the time I really need you,

you zoned out in your own things

Please come back to me, let's work this out together

The PO£T



  • Wilie
    Wilie ✭✭✭

    For me I try to be the one in control, though sometimes things go south. I maintain my level very low and try to be calm in every situation. And in case I feel am overwhelmed, I try to do things that bring back my energy, listening to music after work, watch a movie or sleep early. Does the trick for me.

  • BKiwu
    BKiwu ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree with the points raised above. Our mental wellbeing affects how we perform at the workplace. For me, I relax with a song in the middle of breaks, eg lunch break. Also, I try to anticipate the next day, all factors put into consideration. Meaning, I have the best case and worst case scenario on my mind so whichever plays out, am fine with it. Its not a good method because it increases anxiety and one is never in the moment. One also becomes disoriented should plans change mid way. But either way, music does it for me.

  • Love the poem...

  • Love the poem,too.