Have you tried praying about it?

As a kid, I was introduced early on to religion. Having been brought up Catholic, going through catechism, being a member of youth and now even a choir member I've got my foot firmly into religion. One of the messages that's lived on with me is the power of prayer. When in doubt, when in worry and when in need it's good to pray. To put it before God and He will come through for you. Its said that in God's time,everything will fall into place, so for that job that you want, go on your knees and pray.

A lot happens on the world and some battles we face are better won when we put in prayer. For they're many things we might not see but it's because prayer has helped cut through our way in life. It's all by His grace.

He listens

The door bell rang while I was asleep

And since I was asleep it rang only once

I guess He didn't want to wake me up

For He's known how I've had a hectic weekend

A letter came in for me

A letter I'd been waiting for a while

Most days I'd run to check my mail

But today I was in no rush at all

I guess I had the feeling I'd been answered

That my wait was worth it

For finally something came through for me

To brighten up my day for its been chilly

The words on the letter were precise

"Go forth my son I've heard you

I've seen how you've been patient

It's time for you to receive now"

That why I went out today overjoyed

For I got an answer, an answer I needed

And now I can look on to the days to come

Knowing that He listens, it just takes time to get through

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    Faith gives you the assurance of what getting something and if not, you still the satisfaction of not having.