Do you know what you good at?

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“Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it.” —Katharine Whitehorn

By now, most of my readers know I'm good in literature having shown from time to time my prowess as a writer. But most don't know how it started. Truthfully, the phrase "People are born with talents" pretty much sounds inaccurate. This is because it's hard for someone to truly know what they're good at if they don't have the will of trying out everything. For me poetry began from a simple letter. I found myself jotting down some points for the letter and found myself writing a poem to go with it.

From then on, my friend urged me to keep going and as I'd create poems he'd offer he's time to read and critic. For me, poetry was not an escape but it was a realization of what i was capable to do. This is because, I'd struggled much of my childhood not being able to communicate in English. As i kept writing, the more my skills enhanced and i eased into being a better speaker in English. Now i can comfortably say I'm a good writer, with lots of works in poetry, shairi, songs, novels and short stories. I hope my story gets you inspired to discover what you good at.


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    For me I know am good at writing. I began writing long time ago more so opinion pieces. I've written for the JKUAT University Blog and other platforms, so much so that I lost count of how many articles I've written. Am happy for the EnableMe platform, it has helped me to grow in what I love doing. I hope my writings inspire someone somewhere.