Job pool

Just like how there's a sea of humanity, there's also a big pool of people who are eager to get jobs. Education being a basic need, over the years its been possible for many people to access it with families striving to ensure their kids get the best education. Luckily, there's a school for everyone to mean they're high end schools that pay high tuition fees, and they're also public schools. Students can also get to enjoy sponsorships, scholarships and even bursaries. This has helped boost the literacy levels. So we've got people who've been in the system and have gotten an education to higher levels like universities while some got to colleges.

Now here comes a pool of job seekers who are all skilled in areas of specialties and depending on their interactions and opportunities, they might even carry with them experience. So the question comes, How then will we get to absorb them all? It's been a tough question in many countries. Some countries in the developed world's have made it their point to create jobs in each financial year in a bid to boost the numbers of people absorbed. While the others who don't manage to get absorbed, they're stuck on their ways of creativity and innovativeness to try and see how they can employ themselves.

Self employment has been a good thing but it's not a thing for everyone. To simply put it, not everyone will be able to self employ themselves. I believe like they're people who rise above the system, challenge the system and create jobs while they're people that are just suited to get and fit into the system to make the system run. Though as a point to take home, it's upto each one of us to try our best to stand out in the job pool. It's only when we get to stand out that we might be able to see/create the opportunities for in this crowded job pool, it's hard to see where one is going unless they find a way to get to higher ground. 



  • BKiwu
    BKiwu ✭✭✭✭✭

    Interesting point. More to this crowded pool of job seekers is the rise of machines, which will kill the simple jobs that people do and which absorb the majority. eg call centre jobs, where a bot has been programmed to answer calls. Case in point, Zuri by Safaricom. But again, people will adapt over time.

  • Wilie
    Wilie ✭✭✭

    Right now is important to have tech skills since AI is also fishing out some roles. It is important to try every avenue to generate revenue using skills earned.