Job Search

There's a phrase Kenyans have coined that's hilarious but at the same time heart wrenching. The saying goes ,"As you look for work/ a job you'll walk to many offices that your work turns to looking for a job." Its hilarious but also truly highlights a struggle that many face. With any given year new graduates get into the market, while the chances look slim, competition is stiff for the available opportunities. This leads to many either giving up, or opting to take on any sort of jobs as they keep applying.

As a person with disability we also go through the struggle. But in our case is slightly a little different. As the norm is walking office to office, for persons with disability, movement isn't as easy for us. It's hard covering much ground with this approach making us opt to either get aid from our friends who'll do the needful on our behalf, or we try our luck online applying via company websites and emails. And in the job hunting journey one need not give up as there's that hope that when you do give up, maybe a chance was around the corner and you'd just miss out.

In the meantime as we keep applying, it's good to learn new things while at it. It's during the job hunting period, that I got to make my cv better and better, by noting what job descriptions were like in my line of profession. In the space of applications, you also meet like minded people who you get to share ideas with. My mother would always say,when given the chance to get into that small entry role, do it so well that you indispensable. You might be in that stead of looking for a job but how you present yourself is appealing that you find yourself being considered because of your aura. So as we keep job hunting, let's also build into our strengths and be ready for when the opportunities do come we don't miss out on any reason.