What would you want to walk to when you go home after work?

As a kid, it was always amazing to see dad when he was coming home from work. We'd be excited to see him come and as kids, we'd rush to him and help him with any luggage. We loved the thought of seeing him and even though he'd not come with any gifts, we were just glad he was home.

I grew up to this and I find it important having someone who either checks up on you after a long day or someone to just be there. It might be their laughs or smiles that help you cheer up after a long day. Because in the work spaces, it's okay to feel drained after a long day. Since you have been up working, at times they're bad days and hectic days when all that you do seems to not be enough.

Hence its important to build a life outside work too. For even though we spend our lives in routines of either school or work, it's also important having a healthy balance to life. This helps make one proactive, recharge and get ready for the next day. It even gives you a sense of drive to keep going for you know what you doing it for. It might be for your family, your personal gain or progress and in all this, we need to get a sense of fulfillment otherwise we will break down while we struggling with it.