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Government policies adherence by the private sector

Do you think the private companies are adherering to the government policies that are related to disability inclusion in the workplace?


  • We could definitely see an improvement in this area.

  • BKiwu
    BKiwu ✭✭✭✭✭

    Its difficult to tell but all the same, things are improving. Private sector have their own motivations for disability inclusion, in the form of ESG initiatives or as part of the Global Compact membership requirements. ESG is more popular though, and companies in the Nairobi Securities Exchange gave themselves a year to have reporting mechanisms of what they are doing. That's why there are a lot of disability initiatives from companies in recent times.

    All the same, there seem to be some adherence to disability inclusion though not necessarily in the workplace. Most Banks provide financing for tenders given to persons with disabilities in the AGPO Program, which requires that 30% of Government tenders go to youth, women and persons with disabilities.