What did you think of the portrayal of mental disability in the series Queen Charlotte?

@shondarhimes did it again! I just finished watching this brilliant piece of storytelling. I loved the interplay of the different changing seasons in Queen Charlotte’s story. I found the portrayal of black people as royalty a powerful way to counter slavery narratives that have long cast a shadow on the essence of our African heritage. 

I also found the use of legendary black music married with the addition of the orchestra symbolic of transitioning into a new era where styles of music that were only explored by one race can now coexist thus complimenting this narrative thoroughly.

Perhaps what made me love the show most is the exploration of mental disability in the family setting. We experience Queen Charlotte not only as a leader but as a caregiver to her husband. The conversation on overprotection and the dangers of not having information on reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities at home may be uncomfortable to have but watching it through this film reveals the reality of the lives of persons with mental disabilities.

It could also be that I enjoyed watching a show where feminist theories were reflected in a non abrasive way. Queen Charlotte is shown to be an ally to her husband and not the overbearing angry black woman most narratives propagate.

Last but not least…the fashion flare was a total flex. Simply beautiful! 

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  • BKiwu
    BKiwu ✭✭✭✭✭

    I haven't watched it but from what you've written, at least there's some positivity to matters disability in high places. Overprotectionism too is very real in situations where there's power and resources. The world is brought to you instead of you going into the world.

    Given how powerful media is, I hope it will be a starting point to continous discussions on the matters highlighted in the series.

  • I really loved it. I especially loved the way the queen stood by his king. Not many people are able to stick through once things get tough. The series has truly shown just how hard it can be for persons with disability to find love. For we constantly torture ourselves with the thought of not being enough and when we don't have someone whose willing to bear with it, we feel even more lost.

  • Wilie
    Wilie ✭✭✭

    I've not seen but based on your review am really eager to see it. I love the representation of Persons with Disability.

    It's a must watch 🤸