Work: In my father's steps

Growing up, I saw how my dad was hardworking. I'd see him go to job on weekdays at and times even Saturday and still manage to go there every other week with enthusiasm. I don't know if it's because he loved the job, or maybe he was used to routine but he always did his best. And the highlight for me would be when he came back everyday from work he'd have stopped to get some cookies.

He'd leave early for work so most times I'd only see him at night. Then when the time came to change work, he moved to Kisumu and that when I didn't see much of him but his presence was felt. For I never lacked for anything. During this time at times I was hospitalised and the bills would be too high, but never did I stay in hospital due to pending bills. He made sure that they were all paid.

Now that he's all retired, 10 years back now, I see him sit and you'd see a smile in between the talks. And it's clear to see that he did his best. Since he's used to a routine, he finds himself still waking up early to tend to his farm among many other activities of the day. It gives him a source of joy knowing that there's something he can do for himself. I guess it just comes default with any human being having been used to routine for most of our life that the absence of one makes it hard.

Now I the son, is at that phase of life where its all about work and in my own way I derive satisfaction from what I do. Yes I do get burnouts, yes at times it gets hard, but I believe if I dad managed to I also will. What motivates me is as I work, I feel more and more in line with my dad. It's nice that now I can get to talk and plan life and work with his guidance. And just like my dad, I pray that opportunities come to me so that I'm able to provide for my family as he did.

The sun & son

Sometimes I wish I could pick up the sun

and be the son my dad wants

For he sees in me a light

While in me it's dark as night

Cause I've got things of my own

Battles I'm fighting in within

Fighting things not of my own,

own doing cause I've always been in

Been in between jobs to try and find me

Trying to be my own man for me

Cause I want to be just like dad,

have my own thing just like the way I saw dad

And maybe I'm afraid to let him down

That's why I always try and pick up the sun

Cause whenever the sun goes down

I understand why my dad, would pick me up, his son

Cause he doesn't want me to get lost in the darkness

For the world has already consumed itself and its greatness,

greatness leaking to souls that have mouth wide open

Cause they're hungry for the worldly things of which they receive arms open

The PO£T



  • BKiwu
    BKiwu ✭✭✭✭✭

    Nice one @MikkiTarz. Just a quick question. How do you handle the crippling feeling of not being enough, even though you are doing your best? Because that feeling is always there for persons with disabilities

  • MikkiTarz
    MikkiTarz ✭✭✭✭

    I handle that feeling by being around people who make me feel like I'm enough. One example is my dad. My dad even though he doesn't put it to words, he's always there to cheer me on every thing I do. He'd be eager to hear about my day and even give me advice on how to go about it.

    I also ask for feedback from people around me. This helps know where to improve so that I can give out my best. Because I've noticed at times we feel we not enough but in actual sense it's just us putting ourselves down. That's why when I seek the opinion of those who see my work it gives me a true picture of what I do.

  • Wilie
    Wilie ✭✭✭

    Dads give their all without question, without complaining or even giving a thought. Hoping to be half them.