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The event that was🤩🤩🤩, I have one for it INCREDIBLE—the first of its kind held at the KICC, Aberdares hall. It was a cold Saturday morning, though the weather couldn't stop such a beautiful cause. The day started off at 8 am with the NCPWD assessments and the registrations of disability cards with caregivers turning out in numbers for the exercise. As the day progressed by 9 to 10 am according to the scheduled programme lineup, Jackline Murithu engaged caregivers in a talk about ABA training and Autism helping the caregivers get informed on the importance of navigating in our neurodiverse world how important the therapies benefit us in development. The following activity was led by our very own @verogakio who led DTSK Autistic adults and their caregivers in showcasing their merchandise, this is to help them earn a living through their diverse talents, and this was done all afternoon. It hit 2 pm LUNCHTIME!!!!!!!!! with the arrival of guests and the judges of the main reason, we were there🤩 😍. We had to fill our tummies😋😋, the food and the refreshments were served and I can say we were properly looked after, it was so communal and it felt like a festive family day out. Once we were all satiated at 3 pm PAGEANT TIME!!!!!!! the room was filled with excitement looking forward to the pageant. The models started gracing the runway, with each category having its WOW!!!!! EXPLOSIVE!!! JAW DROPPING!!!! feeling to it. The caregivers really outdid themselves from creative wear, cultural wear to evening wear. It was simply astounding, Our fathers also represented us looking very dashing, It was rather encouraging.

The last phase of the competition was the Q&A and hearing the judges ask questions and the responses that were given were really eye-opening. As an Autistic adult and a child of a caregiver myself. I got to learn more and understand the struggles and how hard each caregiver champions us in this society where neurodiversity isn't understood. The time came for judges to deliberate on everything that is entailed in pageants, and the models were called back on stage. A blessed coincidence happened to a caregiver who had her child ALI AYUB NYAHORO crowned as BUJU'S AUTISM CROWN at a previous pageant MR and MISS AUTISM KENYA 2023 less than seven days ago and GLADWELL KAGUU was crowned MAMA AUTISM KENYA 2023. Mother and child win😍😍😍, Indeed it was a blessed weekend. OMG! I'm still having goosebumps Congratulations to ERIC MUNYI BABA AUTISM KENYA 2023, it's a rare occurrence to have support from fathers as well especially pageant-wise. Nothing is impossible☺️, DTSK and partners it was an amazing experience and thank you for remembering our mothers and fathers looking forward to next year's pageant already☺️☺️🤩🤩.


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    Kudos to the organizers for such an event. To many more in the years to come. 🎊🎊

  • Thanks for the heads up and congratulations to mama and Baba Autism .

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