A story in a story

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A story in a story is a series of poems I've done talking about hemophilia, using poems to spread awareness. Hemophilia in itself is a story cause it trickles down generations like how a story does. Like in my case, my mum was the carrier, and she gave birth to three boys, 2 of which got hemophilia. My experience and that of my brother are different but we relate cause treatment and management of hemophilia cuts across. Its been a journey already and there's still more ahead. I've lived by the principle that no day is given that's why i make the most of my good days cause when I do get bleeds into my joints it hinders me from fully going about my day to day life.

Let me tell you all about hemophilia

By painting this picture that hopefully will be clear

Cause I want to create awareness for its something dear,

to me so I'll make it simple so that to you it becomes familiar

My big brother and I were born with hemophilia

At a time when little was known about it

When we thought we were all alone with it

Then with time we got to meet people with hemophilia

We tend to bleed into joints from time to time

The bleeds happen without being provoked

So unexpected that the joint swells its like blood has clocked

Into the joint and clearing out can take time

We can wake up to bleeding inside our mouth in clots

A simple tooth removal can be hectic, anything can happen

And bleeding at times can occur often

That's why we create awareness to resonate in everyone's thoughts

But there's hope that better days are coming

Cause as the years have gone more and more,

people are coming together, joining in the course aiding

Us to be able to each out to hemophilia victims, cause they're more

It's just that they've not had the chance to be known

The PO£T

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