Autism and Pageantry

Since we are still in the month of women's empowerment, I would like to introduce to you,

Rachel Barcellona Barcellona, 23, is a fashion model and a beauty queen. Was the first woman on the spectrum to participate in the Miss Florida pageant and is under contract to model personal care and beauty products for a company called Sephora. She is an on-air personality for The Chapters Rap with Steve Vaccaro, a New York-based radio program that promotes unity and diversity. She is on the board of the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at the University of South Florida (CARD-USF) in Tampa. She is on pace to graduate from USF in the spring of 2021, where she is double majoring in English/communications and creative writing. She has sung the national anthem before basketball games at Madison Square Garden in New York. Most of all, Barcellona is an advocate for autism. She has her own platform which she calls The Ability Beyond Disability.

She has spoken at the United Nations during World Autism Awareness Day.

She is a woman with so many titles and I think the idea of pageantry has changed. Long are the day's when beauty queens were just known for their beauty alone. Beauty too comes from within, The changes that make a difference in society. The impact encourages humankind, Inspiring others to achieve and reach for their goals.

Inclusivity and the right accommodation are what make all such endeavours a success.


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