Light MR and MISS Autism Kenya was not just a pageant

SarahBosiboriSarahBosibori ✭✭✭
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Light MR and Miss Autism Kenya wasn't just a pageant, it was a door opening to a path of endless opportunities for me.

having to be in a community/space that welcomed me with both arms. Ready Aiders in partnership with StepUp4Autism will forever be my foundation for my found purpose. I nearly gave up on life, Autism is a condition that makes us warriors. I can't really explain how it happened but I had one goal: to better my life. I went for it, from catwalk practice to D-day. The night I was crowned Light of Autism Kenya 2019, my life changed. I carried out my projects, community works I got to interact with many in the neurodiverse community, including parents/caregivers. Got to learn as well while on my projects, and got to meet prominent people too. Invitations to other countries such as Morocco as my first country to spread Autism awareness. Through various networking and training from referrals, I got from caregiver/parent groups that advocate for autistic individuals. Was among the panellists in the UN Observance of World Autism Awareness day virtual meeting on the 2nd of April 2021 and last year August I Applied for leadership programs such as the Young African Leadership Institute(YALI) East African Regional program under cohort Public Management as the only Autistic to have gone through that program. To date, I still apply for such and now I work for Enable Me as a community influencer. All these accomplishments came through that one event. My wish is to create a path for other Autistic Individuals to benefit them so that they can also contribute to society because we can and I am a living testimony of that. That person may not follow the same path but they definitely will be destined for greatness. Dear Parents/ Caregivers, I urge you to try out The Mr and Miss Autism Kenya 2023 because who knows 😎🏆️💪


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