Fishing for love

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There comes a time, when just being alone doesn't cut it and one seeks out to get a partner. Someone to share with the journey of life. They're others who go on in the journey of life without having a partner or without seeing the need of a partner and that's okay. While some are just reckless and prefer having many encounters in the name of partner, others just enjoy the great companionship that comes with sticking to one. It's a matter of choice.

Cause it might be easy bringing two people together but them staying well together being a whole lot of a tussle. For this are two people from different lives. Two people who've grown up to different set of values and beliefs and holistically getting them to walk in the same direction ain't easy. The other day while in church, the topic was about marriage.

One thing I picked from the teaching was, marriage is perfect, what makes it not perfect are the two imperfect people. Cause this are two imperfect people who might have pieces of themselves that haven't pieced together and now add another person to the mix it becomes chaos. That's why we called upon to first get to work on ourselves first before delving into any relationships so as not to project our imperfections into it.

Being that there comes a time where one wants to fall and be in love, it calls upon a great sacrifice of just getting there. Cause since its not easy, it needs a certain level of maturity and great understanding with communication taking centre stage. One of the most important stages being dating. That's where one gets to know the other and from there one would be able to make a decision.

Though dating has been marred with the feel good emotions where everyone wants to put their best foot forward, leading to people being duped into relationships that simply won't work. A classic tale of flogging a dead mule. It's made a generation that have increased rates of dysfunctional families, broken homes, divorces and separations. A generation that love is transactional and its barely even considered real. Cause some have had it rough, others have been killed for it and over it.

This is just but a picture of what love looks like for some, from stories told and experiences shared. Now if this is how it is for everyone, now picture when disability comes into the mix. For persons with disability too feel just like any other and just like any other person, they'd want to express it.

This comes in with new set of challenges in the inter-able relationships, depending on nature of disability. For some families,just the thought of marrying a person with disability spells out spoiling the good gene. Cause there might be an underlying genetic issue causing the disability that might trickle down to the generations.

Some families would even go to the extent of advising against marrying the person with disability cause it will burden the spouse. Others just see inter-abled relationships as relationships that occured out of sympathy. It's like being different negates you to not be loved or unworthy of it.

For those who acquire disability after an accident later on in the married life, some are even dumped. Cause the spouse feels, I didn't meet you this way so there's no way I'm living with this. It's a whole lot of a new discussion since topics on disability have been kept shush.

This poem tries to show, just how for some, finding love is easy. Others have to leverage something to even be considered, while some fall unlucky and miss out all in all. It begins with taking a chance then a choice. After all, if it doesn't work out maybe it wasn't just made for you but you'll only know it if you give it a try. So keep trying and be safe while you do cause people are keeping to themselves.

Fish & hook

I've gone out to the waters

Many times ever since I hit sixteen

I went out hoping to get fish

And in this few years, I've had good catches

With my small hook I've been able to trap big fish

Fishes only thought to be in the deep sea

A surprise cause I only wade shallow waters

Where my dangling feet can easily play in

I'm not a good swimmer yet

That's why I've not gone to the deep sea

Plus it's not like my hook doesn't get fish

That's why I'm still okay treading familiar waters

I'm a good fisherman however

For I stick to the same waters,

long enough to know its depth

Floating long before I sink in

I've always prepared bait on my own

Cause I only trust my hands to do the job

For it's a family secret held deep within my tradition

That's why they wonder how every time I come back with a catch

The PO£T