Do you know what hemophilia is?

Let's talk hemophilia. Do you know what hemophilia is? Have you heard of it. If the answer is no, lucky you I'm here. I'm hemophilic. From time to time I have bleeds in my joints (knee, ankle,elbow, shoulder) which might take days or some times weeks, it depends. The bleeds occur even without provocation, knock or injury. Bleeds also can happen in the mouth where one feels blood oozing even without having bite themselves.

When I get bleeds, the affected limbs become sore hence movement of the limb is hindered. After repeated bleeds over the years, it can cause impairment of those limbs. This is the case with my elbows, which can't fully stretch out hence my palm can't touch my shoulder. At the same time I can't put alot of strain on my elbow hence exercises that would require flexing of the elbow are a no. And if one attempts to, there's the fear of injury hence need of medication.

I got injured in 2007. In that year I got my first surgery on my right knee. They're two types of hemophilia A and B. Mine is A, which means I lack factor 8, while those of B lack factor 9. The medication (factor A in my case) at the time (2007) was hard to come by so it was also hard in the treatment plan. I had to get lots of pain meds, be infused with plasma and get blood transfusions.

But over the years things have gotten better thanks to associations like Kenya Hemophilia and Jose Memorial. Cause now its easier getting factor and now it's easier also for those who yet to be diagnosed to get screened. If you've come across a person going through signs like mine it will be good if they go get checked out.

Why I decided to tell you from a patients perspective is simply because, Google can tell you what the condition is all about, but it won't paint for you how bad the condition is when it manifests itself. I'm simply giving a face to what hemophilia is.