I too have a dream

On Friday, the long awaited results were out. The KCSE results of the exam that was done towards the end of last year were finally released. Last year being a year of firsts, cause two national exams were done in the same year. The year too being a first for the first lot of CBC final class doing their exams and set to also join junior secondary. With KCSE now out, the fate of students is now known. With some dreams now seemingly feel crushed, some dreams are now just setting off while for a few there's uncertainty. Uncertainty because With new directives and plans set to motion, there's the fear that with HELB being scrapped off and in comes something different and fees soaring, many might not get to further their studies. But the uncertainty also exists in the form of dilemma on what course to do and its even a harder dilemma if there's a disability coming into the way. Me being physically disabled and hemophiliac, at the time I received my results I was at loss. Simply because despite not getting the grade I wanted, I still qualified for quite good degree courses Engineering being top of the pile. But then, problem comes with my condition. For Engineering needs a hands on approach and its intensive to the mind, mentally and physically.

I personally walk with crutches, and to add to that, I've got the occasional bleeds into my joints. The bleeds hinder movement of my joints and as such has left me having joints that can't perform at a 100. And with each bleed varying from a few days to heal, to some taking weeks and months, that complicates the equation. Cause you here trying to juggle between books, disability and the bleeds. From time to time you'll miss out on classes and that will set you off especially in demanding courses. It's at that time I opted not to do engineering for that. But the one true question is, can the courses be tailored to work around my in-abilities or I'm simply doomed for being different. Cause it will also be torture getting yourself into a course that will strain you and maybe even break you as time goes. I pray and wish we had more understanding on disability and see how we get to a point where it reduces the chance of getting in the way of our dreams.

I have a dream

I too have a dream

A dream just like any other

But I'm far away from making it my reality

Cause I've got to work more just to get there

Simply because being different is an obstacle

And learning to work around it harder

Cause life too has its obstacles

And it's draining finding a way

I haven't given up on my dream

But I've had to make more stops on the way

For my body can't push through it all

I have to listen closely to it if I need it to work for me

I too have a dream

A dream that needs effort

But I need help to erase barriers

Cause I've already got mine to get over

The PO£T