How many of us know about ADHD?

Having to be Neurotypical or Atypical, we are most likely to have ADHD? What is ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder it's a behavioral condition that affects self management ie the ability to be organized, the ability to complete tasks at hand, the ability to focus etc.

It can be mistaken for laziness or just stubborness. Many have gone undiagnosed while still confused on how different they are.

It's a confusion that can be frustrating and can lead to having an identity crisis, where one doesn't know who they are as a person.

It's unexplainable not until you can explain the way you feel and how to navigate the trigger behind the feeling is when you will realize you may have it.

Self diagnosis is done on a daily basis ,many of us through others that have also faced the same struggles turn to be our sources of information.

Books, video of links have been a resource we have relayed on to get information of our differences.

We are more comfortable with people who are actually living with the experience to teach us on ways to manage the condition.

Because then is when we feel in touch, feeling like we're in the same shoe of that person. It's related

What do we know about this?


  • BKiwuBKiwu ✭✭✭✭

    I know persons with ADHD are very creative despite their weaknesses, which are not weaknesses per se, it's just a lack of understanding and poor knowledge of the condition from the general populace.

    At least celebrities like Will.iam have been trying in their small ways to create awareness around the condition using their own stories, since he himself has the condition.

  • Can definitely relate to this post. I have been learning a lot on this. Its a gift if you learn how to cope with the downside.

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