The Undiagnosed

With the issue of the wrong diagnosis or undiagnosed still on the rise, the livelihood of a neurodiverse is hard on this planet we call earth. A few counselling sessions are available in some regions of the country. Let alone the services but expertise in knowing Neurological conditions on a deeper level than science.

How do we deal with such an issue? How can we engage the government in getting therapists that are qualified and well-informed about Neurodiversity?

How can we get the number of Kenyans that are undiagnosed without the '' scratch my back I scratch your back" behaviour that we are used to?

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  • BKiwuBKiwu ✭✭✭✭
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    The truth is, unlike in the past, wrong diagnosis can be reduced with the help of technology..And with AI adoption in medicine, it will be easy to look at conditions more conclusively from a large pull of past research on conditions, as well as theorise situations vis a vis what is known about the condition, and how to best go about it from a medical and social perspective..

    For now this might seem like an expensive undertaking, but with the push from tech companies to have mass AI adoption, the undertaking will be cheaper with time and the technology will be much better since AI improves as it learns and new information being generated.

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