Mission Joy in the Neurodiverse world

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Joy in our community is a feeling we sometimes find difficult to find. The struggles we go through, the stigma we face and the weight we carry as a community. In our own personal lives as well. We are waking up every day hoping to exceed the expectations of a neurotypical society while having to be atypical. Trying to be our authentic selves in a world that finds it hard to include us and yet we were born in the same way scientifically proven/ created by the creator just like any other human that was once alone since the beginning of time. There is this documentary that stood out to me today, Mission joy: finding joy in troubled times it's an interview given to the most inspiring figures and both are Nobel peace prize winners. The late Desmond Tutu and his holiness Dalai lama, It's an uplifting conversation between the one interviewing them and themselves. Each of them shares their experiences from humble beginnings to achieving greatness. With this greatness, it's not about success or anything but bringing people together and building communities and passing on knowledge and prosperity, instilling peace and values.

While sharing their achievements they also talked of how they also cope with life when they face struggles and they did so by showing that they also get vulnerable but learn from it because they both will be students of life until their demise.

If that's not a true teaching of how joy is gained in life I don't know how to see it?

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    This is pretty nice. I'll definitely look it up and see it πŸ’―

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    I like such discussions and documentaries because they broaden one's spiritual view of things from different perspectives.


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