World Disability Day

Today being World Disabilty Day, I had an interesting way of marking it. I wrote poems from different perspectives trying to educate people on some of the disabilities. I thought it would be an interesting way to get to learn from the very hearts that get to feel the constant pain and pressure of being different. We've all in our unique ways been able to overcome most of our challenges, ie trauma but with this platform we also trying to create awareness by showing people how we not so much different.


A disorder in which blood doesn't clot normally.

When blood can't clot properly, excessive bleeding (external and internal) occurs after any injury or damage.

Women are generally carrier's while the men are the victims. It's because in men the hemophilia manifests itself with spontaneous bleeds in the joints from time to time and at times even in the muscle. It's an on and off lifetime of injections ie factor VIII or IX, strong painkillers during the swellings, lots of rest,ice (ice packs), compression (bandage) and elevation of the limb that's swollen (pillow,arm rest or a sling)


Complete or partial loss of vision.

Many causes of blindness exist, including accidents, diabetes and certain eye diseases.

The power of sight is something we take for granted, and with the rise in how people are losing keen vision owing to too much screen time cause we on our phones. And one might wonder how life feels not having sight, but we can only imagine.


Hearing loss and deafness

A person who is not able to hear as well as someone with normal hearing – hearing thresholds of 20 dB or better in both ears – is said to have hearing loss. Hearing loss may be mild, moderate, severe, or profound

As humans we learn to interpret rhythm, and that's why we enjoy music. It could be from something simple as a drop of rain hitting an empty can, or water gushing over a rock, or wind blowing into holes making a whisling sound


a long stick with a crosspiece at the top, used as a support under the armpit or elbow by a person with an injury or disability.

When using a crutch, if you hurt on the right leg, the crutch would be used from the left hand, that's in the case of using one crutch. This enables the injured leg to be put to work.


a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.

Arthritis means joint inflammation, but the term is used to describe more than 100 conditions that affect joints, the tissues that surround the joint, and other connective tissues. The causes of arthritis vary depending on the type.

The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Other common rheumatic conditions types of arthritis include gout and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).


a condition in which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause.

It is believed that Vitiligo affects about 2% of the world’s population