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When you're gone what are your expectations as a parent in this society?

As difficult as it is becoming a parent to a Neurodivergent is one of the hardest roles in world. We struggle with everyday living socially, emotionally and mentally. Ever wonder a life without the support of a parent? Especially, some of us who are non verbal and haven't reached our potential? Without therapy? Being abandoned in a hospital? Or left for to die?

All in Fear of no development, no progress with the individual. Having no hope.

The community too not becoming welcoming, the umbrella of some of the big organizations making things difficult to access services.

There are so many gaps within our society.

What difficulty are you going through as a Parent?


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  • BKiwuBKiwu ke ✭✭✭✭
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    I think the biggest fear amongst parents of persons with disabilities is when to let the child free despite their challenges and they have already come of age. This happens mostly due to overprotectionism. The fear that the child might not make it on their own is too strong as opposed to letting the child/adult live on their own

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