A Quick Note to Parents about Autism Therapies

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There are a number of autism therapies and  treatments available today.  Before you settle on a specific method, however, it’s very important you complete thorough research to determine what might work best for your  child. There are many unknowns with ASD, soit’s wise to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge before trusting a particular mode of treatment or therapy. If you encounter a type of treatment that seems too good to be true, it probably is.  No matter what other people may say about a particular therapy, always take the information they are offering with a grain of salt. Remember, it’s your child’s health and wellbeing that is at stake.  If you make a hasty decision without verifying the information you have received with a medical professional, you might put your child’s safety at risk. Also, always keep in mind that a method that works well  for one child may not work for another child with different developmental  needs. The key to finding an autism therapy ortreatment that helps your child is to do research and determine which therapies were successful for children with similar  challenges. During your research, be sure to reach out to other families also affected by autism and learn what is working best for them.  When you find a type of therapy that works with your child, be sure to share it with them in return.

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    Thanks for the tips @verogakio. The tips come in handy even for other types of disabilities and to caregivers as well. There's a tendency of some bad apples in the society taking advantage of the vulnerability and confusion of parents and caregivers to persons with disabilities to promise heaven like therapies and the persons with disabilities end up being negatively affected for now reason and out of greed and ignorance in most cases. Greed in the sense that whoever is advocating for some therapies my have some vested interests financial or otherwise, and ignorance in that in that the parent or caregiver just gave in to the persuasions that some therapies are good, without any proof.

    Peer support groups are very important because they provide one with the nitty gritty life hacks when someone else has gone through what you may be experiencing. They also give one some information about a condition that the doctor may have intentionally left out, with the sole reason of psychologically protecting a parent or a caregiver of a child or person with disability, from the mental instability that may come as a result of knowing about something that will affect your child or kin negatively.

    While this is done with good intentions, the problem is that it withholds information that can be useful when seeking help and the time taken to find out the truth may be the determinant between improving the situation or making it worse.

    Sharing experiences on platforms such as EnableMe saves the interested person the need to counter verify what they read on google and also provide a platform to network and reach out for more information, hence strengthening the already existing peer support group as discussed above. Good job @verogakio.