If specs have expiry, do crutches have an expiry date too?

When one is prescribed specs, they're told to come check in after a while, when either the frame is hurting or if it gets hard to see through the specs. Plus with a constant check up schedule for eyes, it's easier for one to get new specs. Do we have such scheduled dates for crutches? Or we use crutches till they break so as to replace? What is the required time of using the same pair of crutches before there's need for new ones?


  • BKiwu
    BKiwu ✭✭✭✭✭

    In the marketing world, there's the buy one get one free kind of thing. I think they should do that to crutches because crutches users use one pair of crutches till they break because sometimes they may not be at a position to buy 2 pairs of crutches for themselves to alternate as they wish. So yes, make it, buy one get one free.

  • Am in the group of use them till they break. Though sometimes when they start producing crichy sound, I have to replace some things.

    The pads have to replaced regularly though

  • This is very interesting, is there?