Should you mention your disability in your cover letter or CV?

There's been many discussions about this, and I would like to know if you think it is valuable to mention your disability in the cover letter or CV. Read more on why we think you should via



  • SarahBosibori
    SarahBosibori ✭✭✭

    Mentioning your disability on a CV or cover letter is entirely your choice. Morally, you're not beingΒ dishonestΒ by not mentioning your disability sometimes we get really shy. A CV is a "sales" document and is used to sell you, as a candidate. It's only on an application form (which is a legal document) where you'll need to mention your disability, Though in many cases we often get rejected after knowing that we may have a physical disability or a neurological disability that's mostly related to Mental Health conditions. they see us as weaklings, which isn't the case. I hope that one day that narrative will change.

  • Anyika
    Anyika ✭✭

    I think it is okay... I think it should be a way to make the employer know you and be prepared for you. Nonetheless, it should not be a platform and basis for discrimination towards the job.

    It should also be a choice.

  • Wilie
    Wilie ✭✭✭

    If you're open to more diverse market, you should mention. I think mentioning it might lead you to disqualification before even the interview.

  • Yes.. I mentioned my disability along with wheelchair sign in my resume. It may be helpful to recruiters while selecting for the interview.

  • Kingndeda
    Kingndeda ✭✭✭

    Some employers today are making deliberate efforts to create forms of recruitment which have sections to state your disability, and some reasonable accommodation needed.

    When doing a cv, I might not state but as I write the cover letter,I have the option to mention or not