Job Readiness for Neurodivergents/ People in the Neurodiverse community.

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What's next after graduating from secondary school/ Therapy sessions? Transitioning period to the Neurotypical world as an Autistic/Cerebral Palsy champ/Dyslexic champ/Down syndrome champ is one of the hardest phases of life. We are removed from the controlled safe environment we were used to. Most of us don't really get out of school with suitable grades that will lead us to University or college so we depend on talent-oriented programs that help us in the direction of becoming productive members of society as well as contributing to economic development. There are a number of programs that provide soft skills that can contribute to such success. Though some are costly and others are hosted and sponsored by NGOs. Now, to tell you the truth the recent statistic of the unemployment rate in Kenya is scary which is between 40% to 60%. This means we are still the minority that is still struggling to have a place in society. We can't fulfil our dreams, our aspirations, and our goals. What do you think we can do to reduce such a rate? How do we get the attention of our government because it's an alarming issue? We should be having public institutions that are run by qualified and certified professionals that are under oath. many should go through an oath just the way Doctors do before entering the field because we are relying on them to change and transform a neurodivergent's life for the better. The understimation people have against us should be a thing of the past, after all, we are almost heading to 2030. Change must be made constantly, change in mentality, and patriarchal kind of thinking. After all Elon Musk is making a change as he is the richest Neurodivergent on Earth, Without Richard Branson, we wouldn't have had Virgin Airlines, the first Down syndrome model posing for Victoria's secret. Possibilities are endless unfortunately the support is limited yet opportunities are possible.

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