Love on the Spectrum?

Have you watched a show called Love on the spectrum? It's a reality show on Netflix that shows differently unique Autistic Adults getting to experience dating. Each individual gets to go on dates to try and find love. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! We do date, we are capable of maintaining long-term relationships either with Neurotypical or Neurodiverse people. It does get hard at times in terms of communication but I believe that we all have someone out there for us. Personally speaking, I'm in a relationship with a Neurotypical Man and he is really loving he really gets out of his way to try and understand me. I also try as much to let him know about certain traits that affect the way I communicate sometimes. Do Autistic Adults think of having a family? Yes, some of us. Mmmmm At least I do, I love kids and I wish to raise some of my own in future, am I scared? Yes, I am, I fear my burnout will affect my parenting. That's on the spectrum aspect what is your fear when it comes to love?

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    That's something I need to watch. It's good to hear that you have such a good man Sarah I hope this encourages someone who thought he or she could not date.

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    What a name! What a show! Well, there was a dating reality show called the Undatables for persons with disabilities but I lost interest after reading the name. It was a bad name for a good show. But anyway, its good to know that its possible for those those of us with invisible disabilities to date and have a family of their own. Otherwise for some of us like myself, Marikiti is the place to be....hahaha

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    Since I'm hemophilic, I'll pass on that gene. It's in the x chromosome, so theoretically all girls born from me would be carriers. This alone is disturbing. I at times wish that if I were to have kids I'd not want to have girls if possible, but it's not like we can chose what we have. The other option would be not having kids, and that's sad cause its not my fault I'm hemophilic I was handed a "hemophilic card" right from birth. But yeah loving is nice and for the time being, I'd say one step at a time and hopefully things will just fall into place.


  • This is interesting... I will look for that show to learn more and see. This is a beautiful trajectory and viewpoint in life nonetheless, @Sarah

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