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How do you maintain good eye health?

September is Blindness Awareness month. The month is dedicated to all matters relating to our eyes, such as eye care for Blindness prevention and how to improve the lives of those with visual disabilities and reducing barriers to independent living.

How do you maintain good eye care?

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  • Anyika
    Anyika ✭✭
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    According to Medline Plus ( there are a summary of things to do to keep your eyes healthy:

    1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
    2. Maintain a healthy weight.
    3. Get regular exercise.
    4. Wear sunglasses
    5. Wear protective eye wear.
    6. Avoid smoking.
    7. Know your family medical history.
    8. Know your other risk factors.
    9. If you wear contacts, take steps to prevent eye infections.
    10. Give your eyes a rest.

  • verogakio
    verogakio ✭✭✭
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    Someone outshines me with what I wanted to say. Plus this gadgets also affect our side, avoid using too much light on them and don't be on them for too long.

  • Kingndeda
    Kingndeda ✭✭✭
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    @MikkiTarz i can only imagine. Its not always true that some sorts of disability has to be passed to generations , just as we also see people with disabilities having children with no disabilities... Only in rare cases.