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Which job will be suitable for Visually impaired person in the Fintech sector?

Financial Technology sector is one such sector where we can find very less VI persons. The requirement of advanced skill sets makes it difficult for VI community to capture a reputated position.


  • Even I don't know.

  • BKiwuBKiwu ke ✭✭✭✭

    Product development and user interface and user experience designers would be a good fit for a visually impaired person so that they can develop good financial products eg loan products with disability related economic challenges in mind. That way, the loan terms can be frienly and affordable to the borrowers.

    A visually impaired person would be a good UI/UX developer to make a good technological tool that other persons with visual impairment and other disabilities can easily navigate. Financial independence also includes ability to use fintech tools with ease, and that means an easily navigable financial websites and apps.

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