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How do you feel about the on going court cases on exclusion of PWDs in the county assemblies?

According to the standard newspaper (22nd September 2022, Page 8), 'Judge blocks swearing in of ward reps, accuses parties of leaving out persons with disability.' This is a sad story that ought to be seriously and diligently dealt with. We can never solve even our national issues when a section of the nation is left out in the nation-building process. It is now not upon the goodwill of the general public but the duty and responsibility of all persons with disabilities to stand out and stand out and let their voices be heard. Otherwise just as according to Mr. Thuranira in the same article, "...the original list presented to the IEBC had persons with disability, they were overlooked." Yes, we'll continue to be overlooked and overshadowed. In a world where Inclusion and matters of disability are being discussed at a major and greater spectrum, it is possible for PWDs to steer the conversation and implement the policies. Let it be a PWDs centred disability implementation framework.

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    It's unfortunate that persons with disabilities are being excluded from leadership positions. I hope justice will prevail.

  • BKiwuBKiwu ke ✭✭✭
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    Problem started with the political parties disability leagues. They were just political campaign tools and after the elections, they were pushed aside. Again, there is a general lack of political goodwill from political parties, that's why persons with disabilities are never taken seriously in matters leadership in the country. Goodwill is everything. Without goodwill even court ruling implementation will just be a formality.

  • MikkiTarzMikkiTarz ke ✭✭✭
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    With the long court processes, justice might be delayed but hopefully one day there won't be need to take it to the courts cause we would be part of the conversation everywhere.

  • WilieWilie ke ✭✭
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    I largely believe politics is interest, by lobbying full representation creates an interest that political parties have to adhere to. We have the responsibility of providing checks despite the 'dirty game'.

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