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Does your disability affect your routine?

I love walking. I enjoy walking for long trecks be it on a hike, a stroll or just casually going somewhere close by. And since it's been many years walking on crutches, I've grown used to the pace that I can easily walk fast if need be. My disability becomes a constrain where I have to go on a steep climb or go on an escalator or in a lift. That sudden lift in an elevator usually makes me shaky cause standing on one leg isn't easy. And on an escalator, getting on it needs careful calculation and also alighting from it once you on the last step. On an escalator, I'm usually unease and would prefer taking the stairs anyday over it. In my walking routine, at times I'm not able to walk owing to my condition (hemophilia) where I get swellings on my joints & the soreness makes me forego the walk, breaking my routine. Or when I'm at my peak of exercising then I get episodes of swellings in my joints, I have to abandon routine till I get better. How does your disability affect your routine? And how do you overcome it?



  • BKiwuBKiwu ke ✭✭✭

    Being a wheelchair user, my disability affects my routine because to begin with, I have to check the weather first thing in the morning. If its raining, or the ground is too muddy, I have to change the plan.

  • WilieWilie ke ✭✭

    Using catches is usually tricky on poor terrains. Mostly you have to walk slowly or find alternative routes.

  • No not like that

  • some times

  • verogakioverogakio ke ✭✭✭

    Yes I does. For my daughter I see it get affected when she has a meltdown which happens often of late which totally disrupts both or routines.

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