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As PWD's do you feel like your constantly fighting for Inclusion?

Now that we are done with elections, we were promised the right of representation and even participated as candidates in the electoral process. Our community has so many promising leaders who really dedicate their lives to changing the way people perceive us as a PWD community. Our own experiences and the battles we had to conquer to get to where we are as leaders are what make us educate society and make a difference so that we can provide solutions. When it comes to Inclusion in government, only a few of PWDs are acknowledged or none at all. This year there was a lack of representation of PWDs in 20 county assemblies that also manifested a continuation of a previous pattern of intentional oversight where after the 2017 General election a total of 22 county assemblies did not have a single representation of pwds.

Thus failing to follow Article 81(c) of the Kenyan constitution which states fair representation of persons with disabilities. This is very discriminatory and very disheartening that we are still the population excluded from society. Yet we are told it's our right to join in, only to be excluded. Many of us feel like we are fighting in an endless battle, we feel like we are fighting for our independence against a war that is invisible.


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  • MikkiTarzMikkiTarz ke ✭✭✭
    Answer βœ“

    Yes there are days that one feels is it even worthwhile. In those days of despair we still keep on cause even if we won't gain from the progress that will be made, atleast the future will be more inclusive.

  • BKiwuBKiwu ke ✭✭✭
    Answer βœ“

    Inclusion is mostly seen as unnecessary and costly. Persons with disabilities have to fight for their space every now and then. Even in spaces that are thought to be inclusive, its a matter of ticking the boxes and playing to the public's gallery. Inclusion is a change in behaviour and mindset. Legal instruments may help but without a change in minder and policy, it will be short-lived. for a change in mindset and policy, awareness must be created on a constant basis. That's why communities like Enableme are necessary for continuity and togetherness in this long journey.


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