Why do you think some people with bipolar disorder don’t want to take their psychiatric medications?


  • People with bipolar disorder may not take their medication because of side effects, fear of addiction and a preference for alternative treatment.Nearly half of them do not take their medication as prescribed leading to relapse, hospitalisation, and increased risk of suicide as well as lack of support from family members, friends and health are professionals.

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    I completely agree with you @verogakio. The fear of the side effects is very real as well as addiction even for us with other disabilities such as physical disabilities. I for one avoid painkillers unless its absolutely unavoidable.

  • A patient’s own beliefs and knowledge about bipolar disorder and its treatment affect whether or not they take their meds. It is also important to note difficulties in remembering to take medication and a lack of support from family, friends, and healthcare professionals can also cause some people with bipolar disorder not to take their meds.

  • I have heard from friends with bipolar that the medication has side effects that make them feel like they are not themselves

  • I agree with you. I have endometriosis which means I take lots of painkillers but I wonder if I will eventually become addicted to them.

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