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How would you respond if a friend joked about committing suicide?

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  • BKiwuBKiwu ke ✭✭✭
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    behind a joke, there is some truth or something underlying in the joke. and so the immediate thing to do is to find out why the person is having such thoughts in the first place. Listen to them, share with them advice with the aim of showing them there's so much to live for even though it doesn't look like it. From here I would like them up with a mental health expert for professional help to avoid an occurrence of the joke again otherwise it could turn tragic should it be implemented. Case in point is the deaths of local comedians in Kenya some of which were by suicide

  • stallon2103stallon2103 in
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    If my friend tell me the joke that he is going to commit suicide then first thing will come in my mind is I must find the reason why he is telling these kind of joke? Is he in some depression? I will definitely help him with my 100% effort to not think again like that.


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