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How do your spend your weekend?

Perhaps you've not had a great weekend, maybe you wanted to relax but you couldn't cause you had lots of thoughts or your head wasn't in the right space, don't take it to the next week. Everyweek has its challenges but if we humans only looked at the negatives, we'd not be looking forward to the future. That shows that deep down we all have that feeling that things are going to get better. Personally being disabled, the weekends are not usually worth writing or talking about since being disabled, our first instinct is staying indoors. But it doesn't have to be all boring. There are lots of things that one can engage in and still have a meaningful weekend. It's always about what we tell ourselves, power of words. If you speak to yourself with love, choosing to think on what you did well on that week, only then will you be eager for another week.

I learnt this the hard way. I usually tell myself I live in the moment, and to me it's appreciating the small things and celebrating small wins. Owing to my condition, hemophilia, at times I wake up all swollen on the joints. Mostly my knee or ankle and occasionally an elbow and this usually messes up my day. But still I'd find myself trying to make sure the day ends with me having achieved or done something. That's why on the day's I'm okay, I'm all bubbly and smily. For I know that even though there are hard times, they're also great day's that I enjoy. It's the art of being grateful every other week even when things don't go my way.

Take time finding what you love doing, as for me,I usually make the weekends about rest. I'd sleep in more or just sit back to rejuvenate after a hectic week maybe of being pushed my buttons and chosing not to blow up . I'd play games in my phone and switch it up with music playing different playlists depending on my mood. Or I'd just take my phone and call all those people who make me feel better about myself. Call them or chat with them to keep time going in conversations. This ends up being productive cause I won't be left to sulk, cause when one is not preoccupied, that's when the feeling of being downcast sets in and we all know how that dark cloud feels. Engage more with yourself, learn new skills . This helps you feel energized and ready for a great week.

Happy new week

It's the end of a great week

And the start of yet another

But it's always the same each week

As we all busy, but still make time for another

Cause life would be empty

Without the many faces on it

And that's why when there's plenty

Many can't get enough of it

That even though we might be different

We all like the fine things in life

And though we get by different

We all going through this strife

And all that shows how we all feel

And how we all have a need

To connect and gravitate to something real

This poem won't have made sense if there wasn't a need

That's why I always surround myself with people

For I love what it makes me to be

I enjoy as much time I get to spend with people

For the good and the bad, and what it's made me be

That's why I'm always grateful

For breathing and taking all this in

And I too at times I'm ungrateful

But that's okay, just don't hold it in

Cause even if you disabled

Or even if you going through hell

Or even if we all troubled

There days that rise and break this spell

So smile as you getting into this week

I'm not sure how it's going to turn out

But I'm sure that by the end of week

I'll have it all figured out

The PO£T


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