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Back Seat

Have you ever felt like you not in control? Like there are people running the show and that you only a bystander? This speaks to many minds especially those for persons with disability. Being a pwd myself, growing up it felt like i was not living for me. I felt like I was living for people and that my life is dictated by my family and caregivers in my life. It was hard having to contend to people imposing and loading things on you. It's not that they don't care, they do, it's just that at times it feels like they're being too much and that they the ones driving and you just in the back seat. Here's a poem to express that feeling that you not in control, i'm letting you know that you in control, you just not showing it.

It's my life, but I always took the back seat

Cause I wanted peace & quiet as I enjoy the ride

While they all up in my business taking control

For they always saw a need to take me on

While I always got a hold of my own life

I took the back seat, watched them decide

Decide most things for my life

Cause I always knew where I wanted to be

Saving my energy for when they're done controlling

I'll run further cause I had my reserves

I'd already seen the future when I was young

And so I made them feel important

Cause that's maybe how they cope with their issues

Making them feel important taking centre stage

So that they feel I can't live without them

For I knew when I was old enough they'll tire

And let me take control,

But since I've always been in the back seat

They'd always worry that I'll be a wreck

Not knowing I was always the one driving, all they did was lead

While all this time I was learning

But letting them have the first watch,

Cause its okay being controlled when you young

So that when you old you run your own show

Calling all shots without anyone speaking over your shoulder

I listened more never talking back

Just like the man in the passenger seat

With the occasional nodd and a smile

To show I'm closely following on

Waiting for my stop so that I alight and go my way


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