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Fixed bugs and community improvements

Dear Community, 

Recently we have been working more on bugs and improvements in the forum - especially on improving the usability of the mobile version. We have based these adjustments on comments and feedback from some of you (both from the English-speaking and other-language communities). I am very happy to say that some major bugs and improvements have now been successfully implemented:

3 dynamic boxes on the main page: 

There are now 3 dynamic boxes on the main page, instead of the static illustrations that took up a lot of space. The aim is that you can find the first relevant links for orientation (as a new member) directly on the main page. Next to that, you can see a new selection of content articles (matching the monthly theme) in the second column every month. In the third box we have compiled important and helpful discussions from the editorial team. You can help us with this selection by marking good and helpful discussions with like.

Mobile version navigation: 

This is now new on the mobile version, with the aim of making it easier to navigate the community website from your phone.  


We have created a new design with a better overview (as with the rest of the forum) for the groups.


Next to the name of the members you will now see a flag indicating which country the person is from. This should help you to choose the discussions that are relevant for you.

We are looking forward to your feedback and further suggestions to improve our shared community. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, we can't always implement everything, but we try our best. 

Best wishes, Emma


  • BKiwuBKiwu ke ✭✭✭

    As a regular user, and a super user at that, am pleased with the changes. The new interface is more appealing, easy and enjoyable to navigate at a quick glance. The liking of articles with a like means members can improve the editorial picks thus having a generic growth of the platform. Great progress.

    I have a few suggestions. How about having the monthly theme calendar somewhere on the front page? It could be somewhere on the top or just within the vicinity of the user on the first page. The monthly theme could be something like April: Autism Acceptance Month. May Mental Health Awareness month. Previous articles on the monthly topics could be showing beneath the month in question, to avoid a repeat of the same topics without a user knowing the topic was discussed before. Previous articles could also be updated and improved as time goes by.

    Could we have picks from the topics section as well? The topics section is awash with good articles but its overshadowed by the community articles. It would be good to have a mixed balance of content from both sections.

    Good job

  • Thank you for your input, @BKiwu! I have noted your suggestions and will let you know about changes we can implement. We are indeed planning on updating the monthly themes!

    Best wishes,


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